오랜만의 플레이. 간만에 하니 게임이 손에 익기까지 꽤 여러번 죽었다.

요즘 서버에 새 플레이어가 생겼는지 시체를 4, 5개는 만난 것 같다. 도중에 특히나 빅룸에 몬스터가 가득 차 있는 경우도 있어서 꽤 힘들었다. 그래도 최종적으로 사용한 턴은 22,213턴으로 얼마 되지 않았다.

Goodbye shurain the Demigoddess...

You went to your reward with 1731632 points,
Excalibur (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points)
Stormbringer (worth 8000 zorkmids and 20000 points)
The Bell of Opening (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
The Book of the Dead (worth 10000 zorkmids and 25000 points)
The Heart of Ahriman (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points)
The Candelabrum of Invocation (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
       1 amulet of reflection (worth 150 zorkmids),
and 414 pieces of gold, after 22213 moves.
You were level 17 with a maximum of 217 hit points when you ascended.

You genocided 4 types of monsters.
You never changed form.
You used 5 wishes.
You did not wish for any artifacts.
You were celibate.
You wasted 5h 35m 41s of time.

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